Future Business Prize


SOLWA SRL has as its aim the placement on the market of desalinization and water purification with the use of the Modulo SOLWA, an innovative and efficient product exclusively based on the use of renewable energy, and able to revolutionize the current sector.
SOLWA SRL intends to give an answer to one of the most important millennium goals: WATER.
It is estimated that, as things stand, 1.2 million people in the world…

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Prize for a New Social and Cultural Business


The aim of Brain Control is to allow assistive technology control through thought.
It is aimed at patients with such pathologies as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), multiple sclerosis and muscular dystrophies of various kinds, and who are subject to motor and communicational disabilities. Above all it has been conceived for patients suffering from illnesses that completely or partially paralyze them while leaving their intellectual abilities untouched. Brain Control allows the communication of feelings and needs; the moving of one’s own wheelchair; interaction with friends…

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“From the Idea to Business” Prize – H-FARM


The project was begun in order to make it easier to choose a present that does not delude the receiver and, in the case of a group, to facilitate such complicated and boring operations as putting together the subscribers and the fees, getting their opinions, and taking time for choosing the present and buying it.
Happy Gift helps with these procedures and makes them simple and speedy…

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“From the Idea to Business” Prize – M31


This is a free app for smartphones and tablets that allows the users to be updated quickly on products seen in films on the television or in TV series. The project aims at satisfying the needs of businesses to promote their own products in an efficient way. In particular, the project addresses consumers and firms who come into contact through a television channel and proposes a tool that allows them to satisfy…

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“From the Idea to Business” Prize – SEEDLAB


MRS is a start-up that works in the clean technology area and is concerned with the recovery of metallic materials from physical vapour deposition (PVD): a practice utilized for its application to such high-content technology as microchips, MEMS, and solar cells.
These technologies, through the evaporation of materials in extra-deep vacuum chambers, have the aim of improving mechanical, chemical, and/or conductive capacities of a substratum…

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