The Associazione Progetto Marzotto began as a non-profit making association with the aim of honouring the memory of Count Gaetano Marzotto.
The association’s aims are:

– to undertake activities of research, study, and divulgation in order to commemorate the actions and ideas of Count Gaetano Marzotto which require the searching out of available historical material: the information gathered will be organized in such a way as allow it to be published in the press and Internet, and popularized through conventions and other events;

– to recognize and award, with significant rewards and honours, all those who have, both physically and temporally, directly or indirectly, continued what Count Gaetano Marzotto stood for in his life;

– to search, above all among the younger generations, for those persons who are making a concrete attempt to transform ideas into actions, for those who distinguish themselves for their courage and intelligence, and to give them a backing – even a financial one;

– to publically highlight events linked to our social aims.