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In accordance with law n. 196/2003, consent will be based on correctness, lawfulness, transparency, and the safeguarding of your rights. In agreement with article n. 7 of the above-mentioned law, will therefore supply you with the following information. The data you have supplied us with, which comes under the above-mentioned law, insofar as it might reveal your political opinions will be treated within the limits indicated by the Autorizzazione Generale del Garante n. 3/2000 (published in the Gazetta Ufficiale n. 229, 30/09/2000) and by any eventual successive restatement of information about political or economic interests to which these data might be communicated. The Associazione Progetto Marzotto is answerable for the handling of such data. You can address this association even through an officially nominated lawyer, in order to exercise your rights as provided for in the GIGS article 196/2003; in other words, you have the right to know the use made of data that might concern you, and to obtain, on the responsibility of the head or other person in charge, and without delay, the confirmation of: the existence or otherwise of personal data that concern you; the intelligible communication of such data and their origin; their erasure or transformation into an anomalous form; the unlawful blocking of the data in violation of the law; the updating or, in other words, the rectification in the case of personal interest of the integration of the data; the attestation that the operations requested have been made known, also with regard to their content, to those whose data have been communicated, except in the case in which such compliance is shown to be impossible or that means the employment of evidently disproportionate means with respect to the rights being protected; and also the right to oppose wholly or in part, for legitimate reasons, the treatment of personal data that concern you. By giving your consent, you authorize us to use your data for such of the Associazione Progetto Marzotto's intentions as sending notices via email, the publication of initiatives, requests for contributions etc.

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